Christopher Jahn
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2,311 / 43,709
Skill pts: 11


I am in a constant learning mode of Solidworks 3D modeling and design for 2 to 3 years now. I use this mostly for 3D printing and CNC work. It is a constant learning process that I hope I could involve and use in my life beyond hobby level. I have used this to create simple mounts for my GoPro, a couple electronics enclosures, and a more complex structure like a servo controlled robotic arm that I am currently working on and my CNC machine that was mostly 3D printed.

I am currently preparing to take a test to earn the CSWA (Certified Solidworks Associate) and after completing this I plan on taking the CSWP (Certified Solidworks Professional) as well.


  • DeVry University Bachelors, Computer Software Engineering 2012 graduation
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Houston, AL, United States