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I deliberate myself very well-intentioned in learning and want to pursue higher experience with your company to be path of my brightness future. My area of interest is about the 3D Modeling design with different mechanical designing software, i love to learn more about the 3D modeling and work as mechanical designing engineer in future for that reason I want further study related to the mechanical designing. Mechanical Design Engineers create designs for equipment and mechanical devices. They also create and implement improvements to mechanical systems and processes. Standard work activities include using CAD software to create device and system designs, Monitoring system and equipment performance, documenting system irregularities, researching new methods for system improvement, and testing system productivity.
I would like to enhance my knowledge in this area is the fact that I want to be able to manage cutting-edge technologies such as fully automotive manufacturing processes, high- tech machinery and equipment, appliances, designing, manufacturing,and similar.After careful review of the curriculum, my desire to enrol to this program has increased significantly, as the studies will help me gain experience and advance my knowledge in areas such as thermodynamics and mechanics.

I am a humble person with flexible nature. Flexibility is life and rigidness is death. As a little baby’s body is very flexible but when one dies one’s body become rigid. We all choose our friends, but me, I don't have intense standards on choosing my friends. I'm not a racist. I'm a good listener with generally a happy disposition. I easily make friends especially on social networking sites. But because of being shy, I usually won't do the first move to get to know someone So I guess it's still called “chummy” or "friendly”. Secondly, I'm an outgoing person. I don't mean I am that person who to party even if I don't know anyone and go schmooze around with people. I mean, I do things related to having fun with friends and family. I'm also a shy person and I'm pretty confused about what my personality really is - shy or outgoing or shy extrovert or outgoing introvert. I'm shy around people I don't know but I'm loud and outgoing if I'm with friends even if we're surrounded by strangers. So, that's it. Next, talkative. I am chatty person. My favorite past time is talking with friends. When watching movies, I always talk to the person sitting next to me about it. I'm usually the starter when everybody gets silent. I always start the conversation and I don't run out of things to tell.

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  • Jiangsu Normal University BS Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 3.4 CGPA 2017 – 2021 Activities and Societies: Gym, Studying, Reading Books, Playing Physical Games I did BS mechanical engineering which Was my dream field and now i am looking for the design engineering job or will continue my studying in the field of mechanical Designing Engineering

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