Pay your past-due account balance

Your contracts may be temporarily suspended if you have a past-due account balance. Add a valid primary method to pay your outstanding balance and follow the steps. Your account will function normally after the past-due balance is paid.

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How to pay a past-due balance

Steps to pay your outstanding account balance:

  1. Visit the Payments & billing page
  2. Select ••• dropdown > choose a primary payment method (or add new payment method)
  3. Click Pay now button

📡 Tip: Your job contracts automatically restart after you pay the full past-due balance.

Questions and answers

Why is my payment method not working?

Typically, rejected payments are caused by your financial institution or PayPal. We recommend you contact your bank to determine why your payment was declined. You can also check out our articles about credit card payments and PayPal payments.

Can I split payment for my past-due balance between multiple payment accounts?

Yes, you can pay your outstanding balance with several payment methods. Read our article about using multiple payment methods to fund your account balance.

⚡ I paid the past-due balance, and my job contracts are still suspended. Why?

The system automatically restarts your job contracts after your outstanding balance is paid. Please contact our support team if your contracts are paused after the past-due balance is paid.

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