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My company is "Leaf Dental Care", and our mantra is "Eco-friendly Wellness". We will operate an eco-conscious dental clinic that treats our patient with a holistic approach. The project is to create a visual diagram of what the Reception Area and Operatory Room will look like.

The Reception Area will be ~400sq ft, and have a store front with floor to ceiling windows.
Theme: yoga studio, spa, Zen garden
Color Scheme: White, earth tones, wood, stone.

The waiting area will consist of a "retail portion", and a "reception portion"

Retail Portion: There should be store front display for retail items such as organic health and beauty products. Like an "organic" Sephora. Our neighbors will be high-end retail stores, and we should blend in.

Reception Portion: My logo should be displayed behind the receptionist desk. There will be organic cotton fabric couches for people to sit and wait. The kids play area will consist of wooden block toys by Melissa and Doug. LED television will be playing health educational videos. Patients can fill out medical information on tablets.

Lighting will be indirect LED lighting. Ambient music will be tranquility music. All medical professionals are wearing yoga clothes instead of scrubs and lab-coats.

Operatory Room Diagram: The theme is carried over to the operatory rooms.
The design that can best represent my vision will win. Must show the "Waiting Room" with both a "Retail Area" for selling health and beauty productions, and a "Receptionist Area" for patients of the dental clinic. Must have a feel of "yoga studio/spa/zen garden". Must have my logo behind the receptionist desk. Must convey "green/sustainable/eco-friendly"

Operatory Room Diagram: The theme is carried over to the operatory rooms.
Company Logo:
  1. 3ds Max (3D Studio Max)
  2. AutoCAD


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#17 with decor by jmorrow
Oct 24, 2014 23:16
#16 with decor by jmorrow
Oct 24, 2014 23:15
#15 Leaf Dental Care by Mahdaoui Houcin
Oct 23, 2014 20:26
#14 Leaf Dental Care by Mahdaoui Houcin
Oct 23, 2014 19:40
#13 Floor Plan by sipss
Oct 20, 2014 0:53
#11 review by jmorrow
Oct 18, 2014 1:37
#9 another view by jmorrow
Oct 14, 2014 0:38
#8 10/12/2014 by sipss
Oct 12, 2014 23:06
#7 office update by jmorrow
Oct 11, 2014 2:55
#6 office with changes by jmorrow
Oct 11, 2014 2:53
#5 layout render by jmorrow
Oct 7, 2014 2:29
#4 camera angle from reception by jmorrow
Oct 5, 2014 22:39
#3 quick rendering of the reception area by jmorrow
Oct 5, 2014 2:02
#2 2nd proposal by jmorrow
Oct 2, 2014 18:12
Oct 1, 2014 17:37


Fri, 24 Oct 2014 06:36:01 +0000
Thanks for the advice zulfadzryl this is my first time doing this. I will try to set that up for the next project.
Fri, 24 Oct 2014 06:28:37 +0000
Hi...giving prize to 1st to 5th place also is a good motivation
Fri, 24 Oct 2014 06:16:22 +0000
To all designers, I have decided to increase the prize to $500.
I did not get as many submissions from different designers as I had wanted.
I want to motivate you guys to step up the game.

I hope to see jmorrow and sipss do some more submissions.
Tue, 14 Oct 2014 10:09:01 +0000
Hi sir,
would you like some wall treatments, ceiling designs?



Wed, 08 Oct 2014 03:13:25 +0000
I can change the materials and lay out to your liking. Also give you a file format you can use if needed.



Tue, 07 Oct 2014 20:51:00 +0000
I can also give you a manufactured reception desk that's curved and shelving for sales.



Tue, 07 Oct 2014 20:49:24 +0000
I can change the materials and lay your to you liking. Also give you a file format you can use if needed.
Tue, 23 Sep 2014 05:37:25 +0000
Zyrone, let's just say the waiting room is 15x25 square feet.
Tue, 23 Sep 2014 03:27:29 +0000
hi, Any layouts to work with?Please provide layout or any measurements of the room.

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