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Looking for custom billet gear floor shifter for a custom 1965 Chevy C10 I am rebuilding. The standard 23" shifters are made by lokar (I have attached a photo), but they are a simple double bend rod. I am looking for something I can cut out of aluminum in a CNC machine to finish off my custom C10 build.
I have attached a rough sketch of my initial thoughts. The transmission is automatic, but this is a gated shifter, which means you pull to the right and back to switch gears. I need a good transition of the shifter to a handle. Whether it is part of the entire mill or we adapt a handle, I am open.
Able to be milled from aluminum in a CNC machine
Total height is 23"
Double bend to fit the dimensions of the seat/ dash (example of generic rod pic attached)
I have attached picture of the shifter connection point (2 bolts)
I need a creative yet comfortable way to transition the shifter to a handle. You can ignore my hand sketch at the top if you are incorporating a handle into the design. I was designing for installing a threaded handle of some sort with
Don't Wants:
Any cylindrical design on the main part of the shifter (too hard to CNC mill and not what I am looking for). Handle can be cylindrical in nature, but not the main shifter.
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Aug 12, 2021 22:55
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