West Birmingham Food Truck ParkBlind

in CAD Design held by joel_callins
TIME REMAINING: 18 days, 2 hours
The proposed site is a 22,000 square foot lot we are planning to launch as a food truck park and event space. The event space will include the 3,800 square foot building. We need design ideas for the layout of the food trucks (10 to 12 trucks), utilizing the best method for getting trucks in and out of the property each day, as well as customer parking. Each truck needs to have a pad for parking with access to new electric service to be installed on the exterior of the building. Picnic tables, outdoor patio string lights and sunshades are desirable features for the project design. We would like to develop the project in phases, with the first phase being the exterior food truck park lot, and the second phase being the building repair and renovation. We'd like the perimeter of the food truck park to be enclosed with multiple access points in and out for guests and the food trucks. The design should also include parking, as there is no available street parking. Please draw to scale! Attached are google earth screenshots of the location. Please send in PDF format.
Contemporary aesthetics, lighting, vivid colors, alignment with historical design, incorporation of green space, and efficient balance of space usage and convenience are evaluation criteria that will be used to select the winner.
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#2 Food Truck Plot Layout by robertp1
We have modelled the Plot as per the Google Earth Dimensions is modelled to scale. The model is finally rendered and animated in this video using Twinmotion. From here we are able to deliver a 2D layout if required. We provide ideas in a 3D environment first as this provides a better view on scale, ergonomics and relativity of surroundings in this setting. From this 3D model we are able to produce a 2D representation in AutoCAD if required, and hope that this view will help see the vision of the Plot Layout. We have included some areas like an outside theater screen to have people watch shows and relax late the evening. Other areas are on their own for those friends want to gather while keeping social distancing in mind.
Apr 5, 2021 14:33
#1 Food Truck Park - 01 by Architect Erton Lazeri
Design of the site was made dividing the Customer Parking zone at the front of the building from the 19th St, from the Food Truck Parking zone, with 3 access points. This makes the whole lot functional with easy in and out paths for the trucks and cars, and a generous space for the picnic tables and other furniture. Integrated also green spaces with trees and shrubs.
If agreed with this solution for the site, we can work on details for the design of the tables and other furniture.
Apr 3, 2021 14:31




Tue, 13 Apr 2021 14:22:06 +0000
Thanks for your comments Chris. If you think about the space being 2 components, essentially a "U shaped Lot" and a "Classic Filing Station/Mechanic Shop Structure", the focus of this contest is the lot. We hope to roll the development out in phases, developing the lot first, and then developing the physical structure. For the lot, our goal is to maximize food truck parking spaces, common area eating spaces, and planning efficient access and exit options for food truck vendors. We do not have a goal or preferred number of parking spaces for customers--and we imagine them to be separate than food truck spaces. Our staff will not require onsite parking, as we have other nearby parcels available for staff parking. A floorplan is in the works, but not yet finalized. A similar concept is being operated at a food truck park in Knoxville - https://www.knoxfoodpark.com/

I hope this helps.

Fri, 09 Apr 2021 17:07:12 +0000
Hi Joel, couple questions to help get you the design you want.
1. How many parking spaces for customers? And will they double as food truck spaces as well or keep them separate?
2. How many parking spaces for employees?
3. Do you have a floor plan layout that would show: customer entrance, employee entrance, event entrance if there is a separate one, kitchen location, stage area, etc?

Thanks, Chris



Sat, 03 Apr 2021 12:47:13 +0000
Thanks for your comments Thomas. We are looking for help designing the layout of the food truck lot. The concept is for multiple food truck vendors to park on the private lot with access to electricity services provided from the exterior of the building. Aesthetic design for project components such as landscaping, shrubbery, exterior paint on building, fencing, customer parking, picnic tables, benches, food truck parking spaces would be great.
Fri, 02 Apr 2021 21:54:45 +0000
Great project ! If I well understand what you ask : You need for this first contest, a design of the food truck's exterior ? Do you need a design of the foodtruck itself ?
When you write that the design must include a parking place, what does it means ? Where the truck will be parked ?
Add to this, could you tell if you have already a model of truck ? Which kind of style do you want for the design ? Have you got brand samples of your company ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Best regards,
Thomas D.

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