Air exchange valve for face masks

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We are looking for someone who has the ingenuity and gumption to help us design the next best face mask. The challenge if you choose to accept it is to design a fully functioning air exchange valve that can be implemented and used to enhance our current triple-layered cloth masks.

The requirements are:
1. The valve should be to be securely attached to a cloth fabric mask in such a way that it can either be sewn or glued to the fabric.
2. The valve should be designed in such a way that the end-user can choose to easily add a fabric filter inside of it, thus allowing the mask to still function as a means of protection for others.
3. The valve should be able to be printed quickly for production and still maintain a cost-effective value of filament material.
4. Filament material used in the design should withstand regular washing either by a handwashing method or by use of a washing machine on a delicate cycle.
5. Filament material should be resistant to attracting or maintaining contaminants that the sole purpose of the mask is to provide a barrier to.
6. The design should be scalable so that the final print size can be easily changed with minimal knowledge or steps so valves can be printed for each mask type and size.
7. The design should be appealing to most consumers and not detract from the overall design or appeal of the facemask.

Extra points will be given to those that also incorporate these "wish list" requests -

1) Final print requires very minimal if any clean up once removed from printer bed.
2) The valve design is easily adaptable to more than one shape (i.e. valve can be a circle or a square, or maybe even heart-shaped)
3) The valve can be securely attached to the mask but also removable so that end consumers can swap out the valve between multiple masks.
4)Filament material comes in more than 10 colors.
5)Lowest cost for production

And finally, if it was a perfect world and we could ask you to design anything (and yes if you actually include these in your design you get extra extra bonus points and most likely we'd declare you the winner immediately) we'd love for you to flex your creative muscle and incorporate these crazy ideas/design elements into your valve design.

1. We think it would be so uber-cool if the valve also could change the sound of your voice - maybe it made you sound like Darth Vader or daffy duck. Okay, Darth Vader is cooler - so let's see who can make us say "Luke I'm your father" then!

2. As you and we can imagine sewing a plastic valve to cloth is going to be a challenge on its own. So we wonder is there some gadgets that could also be created that would make it easy for us to use a standard sewing machine to attached easily? maybe a new sewing foot that holds the valve in place and allows the sewing needle to sew?? We don't know for sure and would love to see what you might create to solve this issue.

Another idea for attachment is using fabric or a fabric-safe glue. We've been researching different ways that current valves are attached to the commercial disposable masks. Most we've found are either glued or overlap the mask material but we are not 100% confident that using a standard fabric glue will hold up to the regular washing that our cloth masks experience. So if your final design/print of the valve incorporated a new way to attach it to our cloth masks in a manner that would not require us to use glue or a sewing machine to attach it to the cloth mask in an easy and simple manner and also did not puncture the fabric or create a gap between the fabric area and the valve.

Finally, we know everyone that enters will have to spend hours racking their brain to create something wonderful and innovative for us. A $100 prize doesn't quite seem like enough. So in addition we want to offer the winner the opportunity to consider themselves as our partner in crime (well not crime but design) and continue to reap the rewards as their awesome work helps us create a better end product. Therefore, we will offer the winner a bit of the $$ pie for each mask we sell that has their valve in it. The final contract will be negotiated once new mask line is ready for launch.
Submittals will be judged on the following:

1. The Final design/product print meets all 7 of the main requirements.
2. The time of a single print is less than 10 minutes for 1 valve or 1 hour for 10 valves.
3. The size of the valve is relative to the size of our masks. We currently offer masks in a Small, Medium, and Large size. To see what our masks look like go to simply view a mask offered to see pictures and access further details about the mask design and dimensions.
You can request a single piece of fabric or a set of paper templates cut to the final mask sizes for your reference. All requests should be sent to info@honeysucklemay. One request per designer will be honored as feasible.
Don't Wants:
1. A valve that is more than 1/3 size of the size or front area of the mask.
2. Requests for free facemasks.
3. Tons of sales pitches
4. Submittals that don't meet requirements and just clog up the review process - this is not fair to anyone.
5. Demands and/or attempts to pressure us to make a quick decision
6. Flaky and unprofessional designers who drop the ball too much and aren't passionate about their work.
Ask for Sample:
We'd love to see and touch a sample! We are open to accepting a sample to be mailed to us. Unfortunately, we won't be able to pay for the shipping cost though. But if you believe in your design and think us touching and seeing it first hand will give you an edge (we can be swayed this way just a bit - you know if you are in the top 5 it could mean the difference between winning and that second place participation pat on the back). We would also consider any requests for you to do a live video presentation too :)
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#11 Air Exchange valve for Face Mask by sushil sabari
May 23, 2020 2:13
#8 Air Exchange valve for Face Mask by sushil sabari
May 22, 2020 4:34
#7 Art exchange valve for face mask by dzikrif
May 21, 2020 8:15
#2 Air exchange valve for face masks by srinusri
May 12, 2020 17:39


edward m barnes


Sun, 31 May 2020 21:21:41 +0000
I am checking in to see if you had made a decision on anybody's to design.
Mon, 11 May 2020 11:13:11 +0000
hey, you mentioned about open source software but everyone don't use those software. what if i upload solid work file with step file also stl file (thus you can print it immediately for checking it ).Also i will make changes as per your need 'if' you like my design and it gets selected.And please make this contest blind.
Fri, 08 May 2020 21:06:27 +0000
Hi. This is a great idea, but for me, this is bit on the edge of my expertise, so maybe you can help me with a bit more information. You refer to a valve, and in my engineering world, this controls the flow of fluid, but I am unsure if that is what you are trying achieve here.
For example, is the valve supposed to allow air to pass through when the person breathes in, but not, when the person breathes out?
Or, is it meant to allow a free flow in, and a restricted flow out?
Or maybe something else??
Many thanks


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