Ship to Ship Loading - CAD freelancer to design schematic diagram

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You will design a schematic diagram that shows a ship to ship loading using a conveyor belt. View this video on vimeo to get an idea of what I am trying to convey.
The video is of two ships, side by side with a spacer barge in the middle. The smaller ship is loading the larger ship with a conveyor belt. At 1.03 seconds into the video, you will see a drawing. That's the type of drawing I want. But mine will have measurements of both vessels, the spacer barge, conveyor belt length and angle. I will provide all measurements.
See attached pdf for they type of drawings.

The attached sample will give you an idea of the type of measurements I need on the drawing.
Design details. I need a 24hr turn around. Person with an engineering background is preferred but not necessary. Must be able to finish work on Saturday, 1am, Pacific time.
Don't Wants:
Sloppy design
  1. AutoCAD


#8 Vessels2 by Dual2
Same plan elevation with end elevation. Autocad , PDF and JPG in Zip file.
2012-12-22 18:57:56
#7 Vessels by Dual2
Please see submitted Autocad,pdf and JPG of the vessls
with the loading vessel dimensioned as requested.
2012-12-22 17:33:06
#6 revision_3 by Hiren Patel
2012-12-22 17:12:06
#5 REVISION_2 by Hiren Patel
2012-12-22 15:53:00
#4 Ship to Ship Transfer by dev
2012-12-22 12:16:43
#3 Revision_V01 by Hiren Patel
Please check updated files.
2012-12-22 10:21:30
#2 ShipToShipLoading by Hiren Patel
Please check attached drawing & let me know your thoughts.
Hiren Patel
2012-12-22 08:39:02
#1 by Zaher
2012-12-22 05:09:56



Wed, 02 Jan 2013 02:45:05 +0000
Hi Guys,

I haven't been able to connect with Andre over the holidays to get his thoughts on the best choice. I'll post an update towards the end of the week.

Thanks everyone,



Fri, 21 Dec 2012 21:01:05 +0000
Hi Andre

Please can you upload the rest of the measurements for designers to complete the project.



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