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stage light

We’re all about 3D design ’round these parts, and we’ve got some of the best talent around! And sometimes we like to show off! We’ve got some great examples from the portfolios of some of our most amazing CAD designers. Check it out!

1. 3D Printed Tank 3D Printing Design by Protocadia3D printed tank

This futuristic battle tank is not only a pretty awesome toy, but it’s a fantastic display of 3D printing design. It’s made from 16 different 3D printed parts, and it looks pretty great when it’s all painted up (check out the link!). With a talented 3D designer and a half decent printer, the sky is the limit!

2. Multi-Story Building Architectural Design by HebaBuilding (G+3P+12 Typical floor + Roof)

Technical drawing and drafting might not be the most glamorous kind of design, but none of them fancy pants structures would be out there if it weren’t for the nitty gritty technical stuff like this! This is a great project example, showing all the details for a multi-level building with an underground tank and foundation.

3. Fog Machine 3D Modeling Design by Ashish Sitaram Shinde

Man, where would we be today without fog machines? Not only do they make concerts look super rad, they’re also used to fight mold, kill insects, and eliminate unpleasant odors. Even more impressive than fog machines and their myriad uses is the incredible detail and realism of this 3D model. Truly impressive!

4. ORION Lateral Watch Product Design by Michael Dimou

orion smart watch

Watches haven’t changed much over the past couple centuries. Until now. Microprocessors and the expanding world of teeny electronics means that we’re seeing all kinds of futuristic and innovative timepieces that do so much more than piece out the time. This particular piece of wearable tech

5. Sensor 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geeksensor

Not entirely sure what this sensor senses, but I think I might want one. Looks slick. Looks modern. More importantly, it’s a really amazing display of 3D design and rendering. Look at those reflections! It looks like a real thing, man! Except, of course, for the industry-standard mysterious gray background.

6. LED Stage Light 3D Modeling Design by REDA

stage lightLEDs are all the rage these days! Here are some LEDs that rage on stage. Another super high-quality 3 model. The object itself might be relatively mundane, but the caliber of the 3D design makes the thing a work of art, worthy of the stage itself!

So there it is! These designs come from some of our most talented designers and 3D modelers. If you’re looking for that kind of talent for your project, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today for a free quote!

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