New Product Design with Freelance CAD Experts

New Product Design Showcase with Freelance CAD Talent

Who is to say how an idea formulates in the human brain? Perhaps we do or see something that acts as a catalyst to design an item, but how we arrive at that preliminary design could only be answered by fully understanding how the brain works. Medical science is making headway, but understanding the thought process is still vague. Regardless, having the capacity as a species to invent and design things has given us the ability to utilize the world. Without this function, we’d still be hanging from trees and picking things off the ground.

Whatever good idea comes to us, we want to remember it through written words or, even better, a drawing. The drawing might be quite rudimentary, but at least it’s something we can show to someone else. The more an idea evolves, the better it can become, and the inventor may now feel lead to develop it by producing a good 2D representation. If the inventor is good at drawing that issue is resolved. However, not all of us are good at this skill and, perhaps, we will require a draftsperson to fulfill this requirement.

One of the most efficient and economical ways to find this draftsperson is through the online CAD hiring platform Cad Crowd. Freelance CAD designers are registered with this site with some, like Mumbai native Chetan Parmar, specializing in 2D CAD graphics.

CAM gear rounding machine

In this example of 2D CAD design, Chetan was commissioned to provide a drawing of some old chamfering cam gear machinery because no other reference to this old technology could be found. Chetan used reverse engineering, whereby, some existing item is taken apart and studied so that its components can be graphically represented. Perhaps, the machinery still works well, but its parts are showing wear and replacements are not available. With an education in mechanical engineering, someone like Chetan can get new parts milled from his drawings.

Apart from situations like reverse engineering, most people with ideas want to skip the 2D stage and go directly to 3D Rendering. This approach gives instant life to an idea, but it again requires skilled individuals, with engineering backgrounds, to produce accurate, workable concepts. From Cad Crowd’s database of almost 20 thousand CAD freelancers, the chances are excellent there’s a perfect designer there for every project.

London-based Rufus Edmondson has been registered with Cad Crowd a number of years. He graduated from an architecture program. Not surprisingly, he specializes in 2D and 3D drawings for architecture and jewelry applications. Look at the detail of this 2D concept for a counterweight tensile canopy.counterweight tensile canopy

Rufus opens eyes with his detailed 3D Rendering of a piece of bangle jewelry that divulges every score mark and etching.Bangle design

You get the feeling of being at this Tokyo casino and theater he designed for a client using architectural modeling and specialized software to create a 3D visualization.

Tokyo casino design project

In many applications, such as real estate, 3D Animation provides even more reality to a lifelike scene like a walking tour of a house or apartment that isn’t built yet, or a medical procedure with a virtual patient.

People with concepts that need to convince funding institutions or investors of their idea’s viability need excellent presentations. Including a 3D Rendering in your portfolio certainly gives any idea an edge that explains it succinctly. Here’s an idea that could be hard to explain or envisage without a precise drawing.

Secure workplace design

Like you lock up your house and your car, this concept, presented by a Malaysian designer, let’s you secure your workplace when you’re absent. Imran Othman says he thrives on innovation and defines himself as a “certified human-centered design practitioner.”

Often with designs like Imran’s, particularly for commercial items with working parts, it’s necessary to advance the concept by making a prototype. By having a working model, any shortcomings can be identified and remedied before going into production. Cad Crowd’s resource of prototype designers and modelers can equip you with an exact representation of a product with 3D Printing, even in the color of your choice. All you have to do is test trial with family, friends or fellow workers. Perhaps if you had known the client of designer Gloinnt, you would have been allowed to try out this tricycle prototype design:

Tricycle product design

When all the drawing, designing, rendering, prototype assembling, and testing is completed, your concept is ready to be manufactured. Cad Crowd provides an accuracy guarantee that your project will meet all specifications before the first part is milled, turned, or mold injected. Cad Crowd can take you through all the developmental steps and often provide referrals to plants so your concept will enter the market as a proven item.

The only thing Cad Crowd can’t do is come up with an idea – that’s up to you. Cad Crowd certainly can be instrumental in making that dream come true. Contact Cad Crowd today for a free estimate, and you too will soon be adding your name to the expanding list of satisfied clients.