Awesome Headphone Designs from Our 3D Modeling Freelancers


Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. It influences how we communicate, drive our cars, entertain ourselves, protect our possessions, and cook our meals. But have you ever found yourself looking for a piece of technology for a particular task or purpose? Perhaps an app that you wish you had, only to find out it doesn’t exist.

Cad Crowd has an incredible method for providing individuals, groups, companies, and major enterprises with new technology that would satisfy interest and demand. It’s a contest that anyone can initiate by simply having an idea. Approach Cad Crowd with a proposal for a contest and you’ll suddenly be tapping into some of the best minds of developers, 3D modeling designers, and CAD services from around the world.

This is possible because Cad Crowd has an extensive database of creative individuals with impressive portfolios and expertise in a large category of subjects. Begin a contest and Cad Crowd will put you in touch with individuals who will provide designs that you could only dream of.

Take a look at some successful design contests.

IEM True Wireless Earbud Design

A contest owner wanted a wireless earbud design, or IEM (in-ear monitor). When the competition was over, there were 44 entries from which to choose. These designs weren’t gimmicky or cute, but high tech creations incorporating style with many including a handsome and practical case.

This design would satisfy the most demanding audiophile with a case that doubles as the charging station with an indicator. Designer Ajay Prabith Prakash even gives it a name – the Earbuddy.

wireless earbud gold

This next one not only looks incredible, but it feels like a quality item from its aluminum sheet case to the IEMs that are also clad in the metal. Its smoothness can best be compared to the feeling of a stone that has no imperfections. In fact, designer Duncan SmartEng calls it Pebble and says it’s relatively cheap to produce.

wireless earbud pebble

Look at this concept from developer DesignAssist with the professional look of a device that could definitely handle all kinds of audio files and communications effortlessly. Some people prefer headphones to earbuds, and this contest upped the ante on what’s currently available on the market in the premium brand category.
wireless earbud

Premium Headphone Design

In this concept, designer Khay Gil combined old school with contemporary by using leather on the headband and metal ear cups. Controls on the ear cups allow the user to make adjustments to the audio. Instead of having a traditional folding style headphone, this one slides.

headphone red

This Bluetooth design by developer ASC also mixes old and new looks using chrome, gloss black and leather to create a rugged appearance. This was one of 31 entries in the contest with other designs that were equally as impressive.

headphone brown

Cad Crowd contests are flexible. We invite calls for new designs on existing products. Chances are excellent that among Cad Crowd’s supply of ingenious developers, contests on practically any subject will attract unique and original concepts. Contest owners are sure to get premium designs that will meet and even surpass a competition’s requirements. In a sense, it’s like having your own R&D department without the huge expense.

The next step is up to you. Do you have an idea that you want developed? Is there a void in the marketplace for a device that you feel could be in high demand? Whether it’s just an idea you can describe in words or a drawing of a product you envision, make contact with Cad Crowd and begin the process of having a thought become reality.

It could possibly be the best use of your funds with time also saved by putting you in contact with respected designers, developers and innovators around the world. There’s no need for you to go through lengthy portfolios to find a talented individual. Inventing something is a skill and making it available to others is worthy. Cad Crowd makes the process from initiation to finalization considerably easier and financially responsible. Contact us for a free quote!