Get Your Engine Revving: 5 Automotive CAD Designs


Hit the road Jack! If you’re a fan of killer automobiles, then these CAD designs are for you. Here at Cad Crowd, we’ve got an ace team of freelance designers, and they’re lean, mean, and ready to hit the road! Skip the gas station – these 3D design and CAD images will put the fuel in your tank and start off your day with a bang. Without further ado…

1. 3D Designed Model T Ford by JDMac174

The car may have come off the assembly line, but the design certainly didn’t! This vintage automobile is a blast from the past, straight from 1932, but the rendering utilizes the latest in CAD technology. This design showcases the designer’s ability to create realistic metallic and reflective surfaces and to render details that others could easily overlook. Want a ride straight out of another time? Then jump into this baby and hit the road!

2. CAD Designed 1RMP by Clara Rotsaert

Are you, like, actually looking to design a car from scratch? Our designers can help with that. This remarkable design shows the incredible level of detail and precision our designers can pull off, proving that their designs not only look great – they can be functional as well. This design models every detail of a car, from chassis to wheel bed to engine. Contact us if you’d like to be set up with a designer who can make all your automotive dreams a reality.

3. 3D CAD Bus Design by Steven INA

This wicked cool bus design showcases our freelancers’ incredible skill and innovation! Complete with seating style, wheelchair ramp, and chassis design, this model looks amazing and could easily be some city’s official tour bus. The designer rendered this bus in painstaking detail, showcasing the bus from multiple different angles, both inside an outside. Take a tour of our designers’ many creations in the Cad Crowd gallery.

4. 3D Rendered BMW by Michael Dimou

Had a great sales year? Treat yourself to this smoking hot BMW! This car could be the Batmobile, with its sleek design, one-way windows, and aerodynamic build. The wheels, with their gorgeous rim lights, add the final touch, showing how even the coolest designs (and cars) can still be beautiful. Our designs are suited to even the classiest of rides, and our designers can render even the coolest of concepts.

5. Drag Car Blower Intake by DesignAssist

Recapture your youth with this Daimler V8 Nitro Dragster accessory! Never went through a drag racing phase? You’ll still be able to appreciate the quality of this design, with even the slightest details rendered to perfection, down to the paint coating the welding bumps. Shift your company’s performance to high gear with our expert CAD and 3D modellers!

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