Your Perfect 3D CAD Design is Just a Contest Away with

cadcrowd, a crowdsourcing website for 3D modelling and design, announced they are taking their CAD Design contest site out of beta and making it available to all businesses and design professionals. After months of rigorous testing, is very happy to officially announce the launch of its proprietary 3D Modeling contest site. It is available immediately for all Buyers and Designers at

The Cad Crowd website is a design service that gives buyers the tools they need to find get the best 3D designs at a predetermined price. Simply fill out the contest requirements, set the prize, compare the entries, and then pick the best design that meets your business needs.

For CAD Designers, Cad Crowd is the perfect site for finding extra design opportunities and access to prospective worldwide buyers.

Cad Crowd essentially takes the multi-billion CAD Drafting and Design outsourcing industry, which is highly complex and fragmented, and simplifies it. Buyers in need of design services can get the perfect design from our crowdsource service at the price that they determine. is a global leader in providing 3D modeling to a global marketplace that has been featured in BusinessWeek, TechVibes, and other prominent national publications. It links buyers in need of quality design parts to the global crowdsourced design teams. Launching a 3D Contest site that allows buyers to set a predetermined price and designers to participate without the need of local certification was a natural progression.

As it transforms itself into a global design contest site, CadCrowd remains committed in continuing its vision of helping companies get their products to the market faster. The manufacturing, electrical, construction, architecture, automotive and household industries are in constant need of new designs. The Cad Crowd design contest site enables these industries to find the right design at the right price an in a timely manner. A rigorous selection process which helps narrow down the field to the best designs and an easy to use interface helps buyers to collaborate with the designer so you get exactly what they are looking for.

Cad Crowd is a place where you can find quality and high rated design teams willing to compete for your business. It is also a place where designers can find potential job opportunities and meet and learn from other design professionals. The 3D design process has now become streamlined; making your design needs a reality in the ever-changing, complex industry.

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Cad Crowd is an online crowdsourcing community where buyers can get custom CAD designs by host a contest. Unlike a traditional CAD firm, Cad Crowd gives a buyer the ability to choose from a large number of design ideas at one set price. Cad Crowd provides job and experience opportunities to designers from around the globe by allowing them to enter contests and win cash prizes. Cad Crowd is headquartered in Calgary Canada.