Cad Crowd Recap: CAD Design & 3D Modeling from Gallery

pendant jewelry design

Cad Crowd’s network of world-class 3D modelers and CAD designers are some of the best on the net. The Cad Crowd 3D model library is always being updated with awesome design work from the world’s best freelance CAD designers. Here’s our roundup of some of this week’s coolest designs.

1. Drone 3D Modeling Design by Syahrul Fajar

drone design 3d modeling

Drones are becoming a popular hobby, and drone design is a growing field, too. This drone design goes for a slightly unconventional 3-rotor design instead of the usual four. It’s also got two little machine guns mounted beneath the wings — probably just for show, though!

2. Tabletop 360° Bluetooth Speaker Product Design by rob@neontoad

concept design bluetooth speaker product design

A sign of skill in product design is to fit multiple functions into a single design. This concept for a 360° tabletop bluetooth speaker certainly fits that bill. These speakers are a treat both for the eyes and the ears. A sleek and futuristic design .

3. Bird Cage Jewelry 3D Printing Design by Ephela Design

pendant jewelry design

How cute is this pendant? Ephela Design has uploaded a whole array of creative jewelry designs to the gallery, and this little bird cage is maybe the cutest. An adorable piece of jewelry designed for 3D printing. The wavy bars add a kind of surrealist flavor to this creative little pendant.

4. Modern Bedroom Interior Design by sangeetacad

bedroom interior design CAD

Loving the decorations at the head of the bed! The sculpture blurs the distinction between headboard and wall decoration. The yellow and blue are a wonderful color pairing — there’s something which seems particularly dreamy about those two colors together. Very fitting for a fancy, modern bedroom!

5. Alloy Wheel 3D Modeling Design by Narendra Chakraborty

alloy wheel automotive cad design

A sleek set of rims can make all the difference on a car. Even an old beater looks pretty cool when it’s got a fresh set of wheels. These alloy wheels would look pretty sweet on any kind of vehicle! Automotive design is about function and form!

These are just a small selection of the incredible design and 3D modeling work that’s always being uploaded onto the Cad Crowd gallery. Our top-notch CAD designers are the best on the web. If you’re looking for CAD designers or freelance 3D modelers, Cad Crowd has got you covered! Get a free quote today.