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otoscope and laryngoscope

Contemporary medicine is putting more of an emphasis on staying healthy, as well as the traditional treatment of existing medical conditions. With an aging population that continues to expand, economics and real estate provide prime factors to think that it is cheaper to keep people from developing medical issues while hospital beds are often at a premium.

As long as someone is capable of living independently, that person should be encouraged to stay at home as long as possible. Senior citizens complexes are rapidly transitioning from a less transitory solution for able-bodied people into places providing constant care outside of hospital stays.

Staying at home longer has produced a mushrooming industry for technical advancements that allow domiciles to begin to analyze everyday situations to alert authorities in emergencies.

Improving the Stair Lift by Jorge Gomez

Inside the homes of those people extending their years in familiar surroundings, CAD design services have been busy developing mobility accessories to make life more convenient.

The stair lift has been around for decades, but a new model allows the unit to be adaptable to a person’s needs as they age in their home. Designed for anyone who has problems with steps, the unit acts as a mobile cane. It can also be used to carry heavy loads up or down a staircase, thereby freeing an individual’s arms.

By Cad Crowd User Jorge Gomez

As an individual requires more assistance, the unit is easily upgradable, allowing them to stand on a platform or fit a seat on it to travel the staircase. British CAD designer Jorge Gomez, who likes to work on projects that allow him to exercise his creativity, made this device for Thyssen Krupp Accessibility. A degreed product and industrial design freelancer, Jorge took the company’s existing rail and drive unit and extended the provisions of this device that is aptly called the Chameleon.

Jorge is a member of the Cad Crowd global community, a community of freelance product designers that turn ideas into reality through its extensive database of CAD freelance professionals. The benefit of using Cad Crowd is that it’s considerably more economical than using traditional methods of modeling, prototyping, and testing products because freelancers work for themselves without costly overheads, such as staff and research space.

Detail and accuracy remain just as relevant, perhaps even more so because a freelancer is only as good as the work they produce. Cad Crowd provides a guarantee that all work meets or exceeds clients’ requirements.

Culturally Fitting Wheelchair by Jorge Gomez

Here is another one of Jorge’s creations. It’s another mobility device – a wheelchair – created specifically to meet cultural requirements for rural India. It allows the user to stand while providing support that is primarily intended to help people with spinal injuries by improving their overall condition and strength.

wheelchair thing
By Cad Crowd User Jorge Gomez

The unit was designed on a parallelogram mechanism supported by an air spring that allows it to transform from seating to standing positions effortlessly. Its construction from low-cost materials allows for easy maintenance and repair. The wheelchair is an example of the type of detailed work provided by a professional 3D designer in the process that turns an idea into a viable product.

A medical product designer needs to be knowledgeable about the intended market for an item or device. Before any conceptualization begins, the designer must be aware of regulations and specifications that vary from country to country. Even the descriptions of such devices can change regionally.

An item that has a medical role in one country or region could be regarded as a cosmetic device in another jurisdiction. CAD medical product designers accessed through Cad Crowd are aware of marketplace variations, which could save considerable time and expense for people developing ideas.

Designer cstfrz knows Skin Treatments

One such item that transcends medicine or cosmetology is this from British 3D product designer cstfrz used for skin treatments. As a tool used in bio-lifting, it’s crucial for the inventor and the designer to know for which market it’s targeted because the application processes are usually different.

bio lifting
By Cad Crowd User cstfrz

Illuminated Tongue Depressor by AD

Even simpler tools of medical science have come under the scrutiny of 3D industrial design. The commonplace tongue depressor has been revamped to become a technological aid with this unit that has a disposable end and a light.

tongue depressor ed
By Cad Crowd User AD

The same designer, 3D modeling and medical devices expert AD from Pakistan also created this otoscope for ear examinations and a fiber optic laryngoscope for viewing the larynx.

otoscope and laryngoscope
By Cad Crowd User AD

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If you have a medical-type invention you want to be developed, contact Cad Crowd for a free consultation. They have the experience to guide you in producing a marketable item correctly. They can smooth out the process that can appear daunting at first by putting you in contact with world-class 3D designers and prototypers, allowing you to spend more time focusing on other essentials for a successful project.

Yale University School of Medicine uses Cad Crowd for projects, and Cad Crowd would be honored to include you among their clientele. Contact Cad Crowd, we offer an accuracy guarantee on all work, free quotes, and confidential consultations. It all begins with your idea.