CAD Automotive Design – When Driving Becomes Personal

cad automotive design

Automotive design has come a long way since its early days when Ford Motor Company told its buyers, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.”

Anybody who’s been in the market for a new car recently can attest that the options seem endless, and that’s after the make and model have been decided on from an extensive inventory. Certainly, CAD technology can give a bow for providing a major contribution to automotive design services, while 3D modeling takes vehicles down roads that only seemed a dream just a few short years ago.

What happens when you couple this technology to someone who also has mechanical engineering skills? You get the future now, and it can be parked in your driveway or parking lot.

An additional benefit of this technology is not having to approach the world’s major car designers with their major costs. A new design could just as easily come from a person sitting in his or her home who can design automotive parts for a fraction of the cost with the same attention to detail. These freelancers, located around the world, are available to car enthusiasts, race teams, trucking firms, the military, or anyone needing a specially designed vehicle.

Fortunately, these freelancers with specialized talents are easily located through the online CAD talent hiring company Cad Crowd. It’s taken this company years to amass a database of professionals through the company’s strict vetting process. As a show of its professionalism, the company stands behind its freelancers by providing an accuracy guarantee on all work, including its 3D modeling services.

Design of an Intake Assembly for a Formula SAE Car by Luisdamed

Intake Assambly for a Formula SAE car
By Cad Crowd User Luisdamed

Meet Venezuelan Luisdamed from Caracas, a freelance CAD designer who is also a senior mechanical engineering student and could be described as an aficionado of precision. A client approached Cad Crowd requiring a powertrain system for a Formula-style racecar and Luisdamed took the project on enthusiastically.

Racecars require an efficient stream of air to mix with the fuel providing an exact burning coefficient to optimize the car’s speed. The 3D renderings supplied by Luisdamed had the precision for the unit to be assembled, tested, and the racecar readied for the checkered flag.

But it doesn’t end there. Racing stock, or what Luisdamed calls “ultimate competition vehicles,” need to be powerful but light. Every accounted pound is only necessary for the vehicle’s operation.

By Cad Crowd User Luisdamed

A bike racer wanted to show up with something special at a series of races in Michigan, U.S.A., desiring a drivetrain that could take the punishment, but still be lightweight. Luisdamed came up with integrating a Torsen T1 differential to a Yamaha YZ450F motorcycle engine. No surprise here perhaps, but the design was successful in competitions.

VW Concept Car by VertuDesign

This next freelance CAD designer specializes in transportation and works by his own creed, “Form follows function.” That explains the utilitarian look of Mumbai resident VertuDesign’s Volkswagen concept car.

By Cad Crowd User VertuDesign

Specialty brands have been the rage for quite awhile, so how about a car flashing Amani Technology Group’s logo. Incredibly, VertuDesign made this sleek electric car a 4-seater. In a vehicle like this, Hollywood chique could travel in groups when shopping on Rodeo Drive, but their car will possibly upstage them.

For two-wheeled riders, VertuDesign proposed this dirt bike concept to Honda. Its appearance doesn’t suggest it will be “clapped out” anytime soon and could only make your street cred soar.

MRAP by crab systems

By Cad Crowd User crab system

The world has a lot of hotspots that need patrolling and Phoenix, U.S. designer crab systems produced this no-nonsense MRAP vehicle – Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected – using 3D Rendering skills and ANSYS software that solves mechanical design problems.

Wheel (Weissman GT MF5) by RolandStuDesign

But CAD automotive design doesn’t mean just coming up with product design and new ideas. Some companies may want to have a 3D rendering of their product for marketing purposes. This is exactly what Lviv, Ukraine designer RolandStuDesign did for the Wiesmann Company to help promote their cool wheels. A set of these would hype up any car.

RolandStuDesign certainly shows his 3D rendering services with truck cabs as well. Look at the detail of this American Kenworth W900 day cab.

truck wheel
By Cad Crowd User RolandStuDesign

Or, this European DAF XF Euro 6. Wouldn’t you just want to be like a kid and make the “sound your horn” motion with your arm if you saw this rig hurtle by?

Get Your Own Automotive Design with Cad Crowd

Another fun fact is that all this automotive engineering expertise and 3D rendering is just a click away with Cad Crowd. Have a great idea for developing some hot wheels? Let CAD professionals help you get on your way. Even if you don’t have a particular idea but want to develop something new and exciting, start a Cad Crowd contest that prompts designers to vie for the prize money.

The benefit of this concept is that you get a number of ideas, but only pay for the winning design, which remains entirely in your control. Time to get moving and contact Cad Crowd to get your exciting automotive project started, all with a free quote.