7 Professional CAD Drawings by Cad Crowd’s Best Freelancers

Planning Your Project Correctly

Design planning and project work-up using a single dimension graphic has gone the way of the last century. Software is the new drawing board for practically anything that needs to be developed or improved. Such computer-aided design, or CAD, is not only for an initial plan but goes the length of a project from conceptualization to the market-ready product.  

Radical or small changes are common with new ideas, while the time-saving, cost-cutting features of CAD allow variations to occur easily without the need to re-start from scratch. Get ready for your idea to become a reality with amazing speed using CAD drawing services.

If you’re new to developing CAD plans, Cad Crowd is your biggest ally. Seasoned famous inventors are already familiar with this online service for its professional advice and detailed attention it gives to every item. The limit to what Cad Crowd can do is still questionable because of its bulging dossier of developing items as small as earbuds to defense systems for governments.

Any reason for doubt about what Cad Crowd is capable of handling is quickly dismissed after an initial, no-fee confidential assessment meeting. Look to Cad Crowd not only as a means to an end but also as your cohort for identifying any technical difficulties that may have been inadvertently overlooked by you.

The Cad Crowd team is committed through its quality assurance procedure and project experience of providing superior results. Quality is a mainstay of Cad Crowd so that when your project is completed, you are confident that the best brains on a global scale are behind it.

This worldwide claim of expertise is not just empty words because that’s how the Cad Crowd platform works. Cad Crowd has an international database of freelance CAD services who specialize in different areas of expertise and only projects an individual feels qualified for will receive his or her input.

The qualifications of freelancers are impressive with graduates from high-ranking engineering universities that are often coupled with years of specialized work experience. Not only do you avail of this experience and know-how, but also freelancers often work from their own offices or homes, so any overhead costs are minimal, meaning large savings for you.

1) HVAC System by Marchelago

So what kind of CAD drawing services has Cad Crowd fulfilled? Examples include this HVAC system for a business that was developed by U.S. technical college graduate Marchelago.

HVAC System CAD Drawing Services

It looks complex, and it is, so the installation of a system like this needs to be handled with expertise.

2) Explosion-Proof Electric Motor by Oleg1967

Ukrainian Oleg1967 was tasked with developing an explosion-proof electric motor for use in combustible environments such as in mines. He created these plans that he describes as being just “a small fragment of the project.” If this doesn’t say attention to detail, it’s difficult to say what would.

Explosion-proof-electric-motor CAD drawing

3) Two Floor Family House by Zhivko Yabandzhiev

As Oleg1967’s project illustrates, complex plans are a definite asset of CAD drawings services, but detail is not confined to purely technical situations. This example of architectural plans for a two-floor family house by Bulgarian Zhivko Yabandzhiev shows that detail is a requirement for most projects.

Two floor family house engineering drawings
Two floor family house architectural drawings

With a master’s degree in civil engineering and work experience with housing projects, Zhivko utilizes these components for his plans, in addition to his ability to produce CAD proposals for gas pipelines and hydraulic facilities.

4) Construction Drawings by Diego Rodrigo

Something a little bigger than a two-floor family home is this rambling design by Diego Rodrigo from Bolivia, who’s a registered architect with over 13 years experience in the field. 

Construction Drawings

5) Boathouse Design by Dima Poliukhovych

A building of this stature may require a boathouse like the one designed by Ukrainian Dima Poliukhovych who, along with civil engineering expertise, has an extensive background in architecture, plumbing, and structural requirements.

Boathouse design and drawings

6) AutoCAD Drawings by Chandresh Chudasama

India’s Chandresh Chudasama, CEO of Archdraw Outsourcing, didn’t just provide plans for a single building, but for an entire community.

AutoCad Drawing services

Chandresh describes CAD drawing services as making “the drafting process faster and more accurate and it offers effective drawings for projects in structural, mechanical, architectural, and various other areas of engineering.”

7) Commercial Building by steel construction

Designs of multi-million dollar residential and commercial buildings are producing shapes that were only imagined just a short time ago, such as this one from steel construction. CAD drawing services has been a major component in using building materials in creative ways.

Structural Shop Drawings

CAD drawing services go beyond planned production for new items because it’s also a requirement for commodities applying for patents. After an idea develops into something tangible, patent protection is a responsible thing to do with detailed drawings required by patent offices as part of the inspection and evaluation process before an item is approved.

A patent drawing could make or break an application and the emphasis must be on accuracy and detail. Cad Crowd is your go-to with its CAD design freelancers who possess years of experience of knowing the requirements and parameters in the patent application process.


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