5 Of Our Shiniest New 3D Designs


We’re a species that loves shiny things, and we happen to live in a society full of them. Given this state of affairs, you’re going to want to hire a CAD designer who can handle a shiny surface. Pull out those sunglasses, cuz these designs will make your eyes (and maybe you’re mouth) water.

1. CAD Designed Kaigo 88 by Chris Wyeth

That yacht is reflected in that helicopter! And that water is reflected in that yacht! We’ve got three different objects covered with various shiny surfaces, and they’re all reflecting each other – so much shiny, all in one place! This design is expertly rendered, so much so that you can almost feel the chill of that green water, and the spray being kicked up by the boat’s motor. Get ready for a boat-based helicopter chase, cuz this is getting real.

2. 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane: Cooling Strategy by trampoCFD

This design is one of a kind. The designer imagined a modified version of Brisbane’s skyline, turning the already glittering cityscape into a glowing feast for the eyes. A water cooling system that cools like towers of light – what’s not to love? This design squeezes in so many beautiful buildings, natural wonders and technological wonders that you’ll be buying a ticket to Brisbane before you know what hit you. Talk about dazzling.

3. Emerald Earrings by Alexandr

You don’t get any shinier than literal jewels. They say emeralds are the new diamonds, and with this design, you can see why: emeralds may not glitter like diamonds do, but they’re just as shiny, and possess a depth and mystery that diamonds lack. Besides, as this image makes so clear, green and gold go together. If you’ve got a thing for class, beauty and, of course, shine, then look no further – we’ve got you covered.

4. CAD Beverage Dispensers by DesignAssist

Grab a cold one, kick back, and check out this chill design. When you think shine, beverage dispensers may not be the first things that come to mind – then again, maybe it’s time we collectively rethink our shiny stereotypes. I love how you can almost make out a room’s reflection in the Worthington Creamflow dispenser – like it has shine enough to show you a whole other world, but the curves distort it.

5. CAD Designed Mercedes by Hüseyin EROĞLU

And of course, no article about shiny designs would be complete without a cool car. Here’s a Mercedes.

Want a shiny new design for your shiny new idea? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with polished designers who are sure to put some shine in your step (or is that spring in your eye?).