4 Innovative New Designs from Cad Crowd’s 3D Designers

car rendering

Cad Crowd is an open innovation hub. Our community of CAD designers and 3D modelers are always filling up the gallery with inspiring examples of top-notch creative design work. From time to time we like to do a recap of some of the awesome pieces of work from our designers’ portfolios. So here you have it, four more fresh designs from the Cad Crowd gallery!

1. Car Rendering 3D Modeling Design by Mdesign0101

automotive cad design services Cars and automobiles are a popular subject for 3D modeling on Cad Crowd. And they make great subjects! It takes skill to realistically render the various different materials, to capture the complex lines and contours, and to make the whole thing come together convincingly. This face-on model of a retro muscle car is a great example!

2. Lipstick 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geek

lipstick product design freelance Lipstick ain’t nothing new. Having makeup emerge so prettily from a tube is no longer novel, which means designers need to be creative in coming up with novel ways of presenting the product. This, of course, is central to good product design! We may all be used to tubes, so is it time for the rectangle?

3. Interior Rendering Architectural Design by VRAY7310

interior design 3d rendering We’ve got plenty of talented freelance interior design experts. This modern, open-designed kitchen/living space is a great example. Who wouldn’t want to curl up on that couch and read a book in the slanting rays of the setting sun? A beautiful rendering of a cozy home.

4. 3D Printable Lampshade Product Design by rob@neontoad

lanp shade 3D printable design 3D printing is changing the world of product design. This cool minimalist lamp shade could easily be 3D printed. Looks cool, easy to make, easy to install. What’s not to like? If you’re interested in taking up design yourself, you can see the creator’s tutorial for designing this lamp shade at neontoad.co.uk. The Cad Crowd community is full of talented designers. Are you a designer? Then join us! If you’re looking for a designer, we offer a full range of CAD design services, both contract services and crowdsourced design challenges. Find out how it works!