5 Fresh Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

Virtual reality Headset stand 3d modeling design

We’ve got all kinds of talented designers in the Cad Crowd community. Our CAD design 3D model library is regularly being updated with projects from our global network of 3D designers. Here are some recent examples from some of our awesome designers.

1. Tailgating BBQ Engineering Design by Kyle VanAllen

Tailgating bbq engineering design

I mean, come on. A BBQ specifically for tailgating parties. There are two kinds of people in the world: those that see this and immediately want one, and everyone else. Whatever camp you fall into, you gotta admit, it’s a pretty cool idea.

2. Serene Interior Architectural Design by Design2render

Relaxing Interior Design

Look at that water bottle on the coffee table there. That’s a nice touch! A beautifully detailed rendering of a gorgeous space. Like all great 3D interior design renderings, this image just draws you in. Don’t you want to be wherever this is, looking out those incredible windows at that serene park? Seems nice.

3. Virtual Reality Headset Stand Product Design by rob@neontoad

Virtual reality Headset stand 3d modeling design

Can you guess what this is? Don’t read the title, cheater! This is a stand and dock for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, designed as a classy conversation piece that looks like a jazzy, futuristic astronaut. Notice the 5 USB slots. The face shield pops off to reveal a storage compartment for controllers and other gear. Would look great with some lava lamps!

4. 3D Printer Product Design by SolidWorks Digital

3D printer 3D design

We’re all about 3D printing here at Cad Crowd, just as much as we’re about 3D modeling! So, of course, we love to see beautiful 3D renderings of 3D printers! A piece of art.

5. Greenwood Township Engineering Design by Deval Patel

Suburb Design

Cad Crowd designers work on projects of all sizes. Here’s an example of a big scale project. A pretty little subdivision with plenty of green space, trees, and pleasant asymmetrical roadways. It seems a fine place to raise a family!

Be sure to check out the gallery for more awesome projects from Cad Crowd designers. Feel free to like them and leave comments! And if you’re looking for CAD design services, you can post a crowdsourced design challenge or get a quote for a private project today!