3D Design & CAD Rendering Projects from the Cad Crowd Gallery

tricycle vehicle design

We’ve got a real varying mix of 3D design projects here! The Cad Crowd design community is always hard at work at all kinds of CAD projects. These portfolio pieces from the gallery show the range of skills represented by our network of freelancers. Let’s take a look at some 3D designs!

1. Tricycle Product Design by Gloinnt Solutions

tricycle vehicle design

Bicycles have been around for a while. What a great invention. But the new millennium might be the age of the tricycle! No longer just for kiddos, three-wheelers are upping the ante on people-powered-peddlers. Sit back and relax under the weather-proof dome and go for a ride.

2. Ogre 3D Modeling Design by JDMac174

ogre 3d scultping

To be honest, if I saw this character walking ’round town, I’d probably cross the street. But maybe that’s unfair. Maybe ogres are fine people! You gotta watch out for implicit bias! This ogre was created through 3D sculpting, a 3D modeling technique that mimics the kind of subtractive process familiar to sculptors and carvers. It’s used a lot to create lovable characters like this guy!

3. Gaming Headphones Product Design by Saket CAD

head phone design

Sometimes you wanna game at night when you’ve got sleeping family around. Forget about earbuds! These guys are way more exciting and stylish. Now you might think style isn’t important when you’re getting your game on, but looking good increases your confidence, and confidence improves performance!

4. F1 Steering Wheel 3D Modeling Design by Dean Saraf

f1 steering wheel

So Formula 1 steering wheels are apparently pretty sophisticated. That’s a lot more knobs and buttons than a steering wheel typically boasts. Lots of pretty colors, too! And also, wow look at the quality of that rendering! The surface modeling is fantastic.

5. Excavator Robot 3D Modeling Design by DFD Designexcavator robot

How neat is that! A robotic excavator! No one wants to have to be the person to deal with the excavator. Why not let robots do the job? Soon robots will do most of the jobs!

6. Ancient Weapon Glam 3D Modeling Design by BRAVOancient weapon bling

Sometimes, 3D design is just about making cool things! This glitzy glammy flail mace might not be super practical for defending your kingdom (or hip-hop empire?) but it makes for a pretty nifty art piece. The little minny spike-ball at the base of the handle is a nice touch. The handle in general, really, is pretty impressive.

So, there you go. Be sure to check out the Cad Crowd 3D model library to see some of the other amazing, interesting, and fun portfolio pieces that have been uploaded by the Cad Crowd community!

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