25 Excellent Freelance Design Services Created by Remote Experts


Product design is all about drafting solutions to an existing problem. An example would be building a makeshift trolley from recycled wood and other materials. Industrial design also concerns manufacturability, and industrial design creates a product intended for mass production, focusing on appearance, functionality, and technical feasibility.

Although, in nearly all cases, industrial designers are involved in other aspects of the product development cycle. Despite the name, the design process does not always require industrial-level or big-name companies. As showcased below, many individual freelancers have proven themselves capable of providing great designs, both goods and services, for the masses.

1. Mini ITX Case

By: Sergiu.Nasta of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Mini ITX.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Mini ITX 2.jpg

An undoubtedly robust design case for a PC system configured around the mini-ITX motherboard. Overall dimension measures at around 35cm L x 12cm W x 18cm H. The entire structure comes from aluminum, with the pieces attached by riveting or welding. Finally, the outer case is perforated and should be easily removable from the main frame.

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2. Mountainboard

By: Cameron Ross of Walnut Creek, US

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Mountainboard.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Mountainboard 2.jpg

Offering an alternative to typical skateboards, the “mountainboard” handles more demanding terrain with ease thanks to industrial-grade materials. Also, the shock-absorbing spring assembly at the front and back makes the mountainboard suitable for smooth surfaces and off-the-beaten tracks. A larger wheel diameter gives better grip, balance, and control.

3. Go-kart chassis

By: Ihsen Laaribi of Tunisia

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Go-kart Chassis.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Go-kart Chassis 2.jpg

It’s an impressive-looking idea for a go-kart chassis with the combination of the black tubular frame and red accents on the wheels, steering rack, and radiator. The chassis is undoubtedly pretty, although it is unclear why the creator suggests an engine placement on the side, compromising the balance. Engine placement centered behind the driver’s seat would be ideal.

4. Sheet metal phone holder

By: Charlie Swansea, United Kingdom

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Sheet Metal Phone Holder.jpg

One of the most noticeable characteristics of an industrial-grade product is that it must be overbuilt, a product manufactured using unnecessarily durable material for its function. This phone holder is a simple specimen of such. Made of stainless steel or aluminum with a brushed finish, it looks good with just about any 4 to a 6-inch smartphone on the market. The phone holder has a slot to allow charging.

5. Stylisk pencil case

By: REDA of Nantes, Frances

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Pencil case.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Pencil case 2.jpg

There is nothing peculiar about the pencil case. It is a product of simple functions with the most basic features. Hard plastic has advantages, but the hinge must be metal to ensure smooth operation with minimal wear and tear from frequent usage. It has a clamp-locking mechanism with a push-button release at the front.

6. Baby spoon

By: Pablo Gosso of Buenos Aires, Argentina

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Baby Spoon3.jpg

These are two simple, innovative feeding spoons for babies for on-the-go traveling. Unlike regular spoons, LIDOON has a lid integrated into the handle with a simple push-pull mechanism. It has a closed position, which prevents contents from spilling, which is very useful when feeding in the car or anywhere else. A glossy finish makes them easier to clean.

7. Goal speaker

By: Vit Gean of Kiev, Ukraine

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Goal speaker.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Goal speaker 2.jpg

Here is an otherwise electrically unusual speaker with a unique design and magnetized detachable support. Nearly the entire outer case is aluminum except for the speaker cover, allowing for flexible placement. Thanks to the spherical cap on the sides, the speaker is possibly mounted horizontally too. At the center of the support, the stand is a smooth indentation for a perfect fit.

8. Reading light power bank

By: Muhammed Mostafa of Port Said, Egypt

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Reading light.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Reading light 2.jpg

This one is an LED reading light that doubles as a power bank. When not in use or mounted on its detachable stand, the device turns into a mobile battery to recharge your phones or tablets anywhere. With the size of a wallet, you can put it on any desk without distracting your reading time.

9. FD 1525 12V Fan

By: Aad of Athens, Greece

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Fan 12V.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Fan 12V 2.jpg

Small-sized fan with appealing aesthetics. Unlike many other products, the FD_1525 can swivel both left and right and vertically. With seven blades in such a small form, each blade does not need to work as hard or spin as fast, lowering the motor load to cool more efficiently.

10. Ember ceramic mug

By: Mejoek of Ventura, US

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Ceramic Mug.jpg

What looks like a simple coffee mug at a glance is a smartphone-connected temperature-controlled mug. When paired with the Ember app, users can precisely control how hot or warm the mug (and the drink it contains) is. In addition, the mug has a built-in battery that lasts only about an hour, but a plugged-in coaster for all-day use comes with the package. 

11. Bed tent

By: Designassist of Oxford, United Kingdom

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Bed Tent.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Bed Tent 2.jpg

More like a bed than a tent, the unique design parts are the fiberglass poles that support the cover or roof component. The poles are held together and kept in tension using an ordinary corner bracket, so the structure maintains its tent-like shape without using too many small parts. The roof comes from a tarp.

12. Apple watch + iPhone charger

By: Flaviano Crespi of Vegevano, Italy

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Apple Watch and iPhone Holder.jpg

The product does what it promises to do. It charges your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It has an aluminum and plastic design, and the charger looks just right amongst the premium design of both devices. Another good thing is that it plugs into a two-prong electrical outlet instead of a USB port with an adapter.

13. Carbon fiber flat-pack lamp

By: Anne Pauley of San Francisco, US

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Flat-pack lamp.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Flat-pack lamp 2.jpg

This device is a modern yet straightforward reading light. The flat-pack lamp uses a carbon fiber sheet body and LED lighting strip. The entire lamp can be packed flat and easily assembled using only a hex key, also included in the package. The stand holds together using two standoffs and four cap screws.

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14. Movable table display

By: Rhandika Jaka of Surabaya, Indonesia

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Movable table display 2.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Movable table display.jpg

Rudimentary TV tray table or cabinet but fitted with wheels at the base support for better portability. It is a simple idea, done many times in various versions, and the creativity solely lies in the tray design. In this case, the table features two long drawer-like compartments with tinted glass doors encased in a metal frame.

15. Remote control holder

By; Mohammed Bushara of Kahrtoum, Sudan

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Remote control holder.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Remote control holder 2.jpg

No one needs a remote control holder, but it is a good ornament on a table. Rounded edges and curved lines make it a conversation piece and functional. You can make it with just about any easily sourced material like plastic, wood, or metal in various finishes.

16. Street basket

By: Arivudhayalaguru of Coimbatore, India

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Bin for street.jpg

They are designed to be a garbage bins placed on the sides of the road, mounted on a metal decorated pole. A smaller version should also work well as a small room and office waste bin. The metal bin looks to be magnetized as it must be picked up and emptied regularly.

17. Dowell crib

By: JaeJones of Baltimore, US

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Crib Dowell.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Crib Dowell 2.jpg

Made entirely of sustainable hardwoods with a water-based, non-toxic finish, Dowell Crib is safe and trendy for modern homes. It has an oval form factor, while each hardwood bar is tightly spaced between one another to ensure safety without blocking view and airflow. Tight spacing means less injury risk for little fingers, hands, and heads.

18. Multi-level coffee table

By: Miker of Castle Rock, US

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Multi-level coffee table.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Multi-level coffee table 2.jpg

This is an elaborate project for a coffee table featuring three levels with drawers on the outside pieces. The center portion has no visible drawer, but the plate can slide out of the way to reveal a hidden compartment. Even when you don’t use it as a coffee table, it should make an excellent TV stand or a floor desk.

19. Underwater camera stabilization system

By: Paolo Velcich of Trieste, Italy

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Underwater Camera Stablization.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Underwater Camera Stablization 2.jpg

It’s a waterproof camera stabilization system designed for outdoor sports activities. It is the brainchild of a joint partnership between Hohem and Steezycam, integrating the former’s XG1 stabilizer into the latter’s product. In addition, the stabilizer can extend the camera’s battery life for as long as four hours. The modular system also offers remote functionality.

20. LOOP lounger

By: Albertus Putra of Surabaya, Indonesia

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Loop Lounger.jpg

Yet another redesign of the LOOP lounger, featuring the same double lounger design that looks like a salvaged roller coaster component but with different materials. Instead of all wood or all metal, the plan has metal pipes that run through the curved arrangements of teak wood. It seats two comfortably.

21. Seagulls candle holder

By: Ferforje of Ankara, Turkey

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Candle holder.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Candle holder 2.jpg

Intriguing and basic at the same time, the candle holder uses a ball-shaped stand mounted on a curved base. Six metal seagull silhouettes spread their wings behind the stand where the candle is supposed to be. As the candle gets smaller, the seagulls in the back fly higher and more significantly due to their formation.

22. Rotating display

By: Oleg Khmilov of Lviv, Ukraine

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Rotaing display.jpg

Designed as a rotating display for e-liquids in French e-smoking shops, it can also be used as a display stand for other products as long as they have a small enough dimension to fit inside. Only the internal mechanism rotates, while the translucent outer case remains static. The electrical assembly for lighting is in the top component.

23. Bowl table

By: Kripal98 of Mangalore, India

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Bowl table 2.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Bowl table.jpg

As the name suggests, it is a table in the shape of a bowl that can seat two people without being positioned face-to-face with each other. The table must be large enough to provide adequate space for comfortable sitting, and a more significant dimension gives more distance between users’ elbows.

24. Dust pan

By: Vit Gean of Kiev, Ukraine

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Dustpan 2.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Dustpan.jpg

Based on US Patent No. 719,943 by Carne W. Hopkins and US Patent No. 1,315,310 by Addison F. Kelly, the Dust Pan features an inward curve on the front edge to allow more accessible dust collection. It is made of plastic to remain flexible enough to provide gapless positioning relative to the surface. The spikes are for cleaning the broom after every use.

25. Easy slider

By: Iglu_DSG of Medellin, Colombia

C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Easy Slider 2.jpg
C:\Users\TAMU\Downloads\Industrial Design Showcase\Easy Slider.jpg

Here is a carriage designed to help homeowners move heavy appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers with minimal effort. Easy Slider works like a trolley but with a rectangular shape with a locking mechanism. It has four swiveling wheels, and the frame must be constructed from metal to support the appliance’s weight. 

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