Wideband Ku-Band 3D Printed Corrugated Horn Antenna

This is a model of an assembled Ku-Band 3D Printed Corrugated Horn Antenna that I recreated from a whitepaper titled "The Prototype of a Wideband Ku-Band Conical Corrugated Horn Antenna with 3-D Printing Technology" by Mustafa Emre Carkaci and Mustafa Secmen found here: (hidden) This antenna is part of a comparative study between a machined horn and a 3D printed horn antenna to see the various tradeoffs of each type. The WR-62 waveguide is a purchased part and was modeled after a Pasternack part that may have either an N-type (12 GHz) connector or an SMA (18 GHz) connector, however low loss LMR coax is typically thicker, so there is a trade-off between coax size and a small aperture connector. The (2) shells of the horn are investigated with different conductive paints and thicknesses as well. Note : the SMA male to N-type female adapter is NOT shown !

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