Umbrella Holster for Camp Chair

My college roommate needed some way to avoid sunburn while he claimed - and held - his tailgating spot during football season. Tents could not be setup and he had to remain physically present. He asked me if I could figure something out, since I had a 3D printer. I considered various options for giving him some shade, but he adamantly refused to get a lawn/beach umbrella. So there was nothing left to do but use his rain umbrella as a parasol. This is a 3-piece printable holster that clamps onto the rod of the back of camp chair. The lid slides on to secure the holster. My roommate's umbrella had a very thick foam handle, so this design has a large diameter bore - you can fill the extra space with hand towels. The holster is fastened with hex bolts and wing nuts, available at your local hardware store.

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