Nordic Semiconductor nRF528xx Bluetooth 5.0 Prototyping Development Kit

This is a model of the Nordic Semiconductor nRF528xx (nRF52832, nRF52810, and nRF52805) Bluetooth 5.0 Prototyping Development Kit. The nRF52 DK is a versatile single board development kit for Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary development on the nRF52805, nRF52810 and nRF52832 SoCs. It facilitates development exploiting all features of the nRF52805, nRF52810 and nRF52832 SoCs. It includes an NFC antenna that quickly enables utilization of the NFC-A tag peripheral on the nRF52832. All GPIOs are available via edge connectors and headers, and 4 buttons and 4 LEDs simplify output and input from and to the SoC.

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