This model is of a very simple product which can just be placed permanently on a door knob or a faucet. It has a long projecting handle, by the help of which the person can operate the door or a faucet with elbow and thus no chances of contact of hands of a person with the doors and faucets. This product will be helpful at homes as well as public places and it is always better to have such a thing at public places. One more advantage is that the product, being open from the other side also the person can access the locks of the doors easily without any problem, also enough visual will be present for a person to access the lock. The product is easy to install and use, also the product can be removed at scheduled intervals and cleaned. One more thing that can be done with this product is that from one side it can be manufactured of standard sizes of door knobs and on the other side, the size of faucet due to this a single product will serve two purposes. Also the design is very easily 3D printable. You can always contact me for more details and ideas about its use and the development of this product.

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