Lift Button Extension

Buttons in the lift are one of the highly infectious part in a building which is regularly touched by everyone's finger who uses it. The same can be avoided by using the elbow to activate the button. But just like in faucets and door, it is difficult to press with the elbow. To do so, this extension can be added to the lift buttons. As the backplate of the lift has a metallic plate, the extension has a space in the back to stick a thin rectangular magnet to it, which will hold the extension in place. The slider is free to go in and out and can be pushed in easily using the elbow. In the design, the button size is 35mm square, with the holder extending twice the length at 70mm. The diameter of the slider is half of the width of the holder, which can be between 30mm to 50mm. The total thickness of the holder is around 7mm total with 8mm leg heights. The magnet dimensions are 12mm X 5mm with 2mm thickness, which is stuck into the holder using Quick-drying gum. The dimensions and clearances can be created according to the lift button sizes.

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Published 1 year ago
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