Classroom Protective Partition From Covid-19

This is a partition design concept in the classroom. And maybe it will be very useful for students during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This partition has the following specifications: 1. Dimensions 1.2mx1mx1.8m [L / W / H] 2. The main frame is made from PP / PVC with orange color 3. On the three sides of the walls using acrylic clear type material with a thickness of 6mm. 4. The back is equipped with a plastic curtain (clear type) which can be opened and closed manually. 5. The front part is also equipped with a smart hole that can be opened and closed, this hole functions when students will submit assignments to the teacher for inspection. Hopefully we and our families can get through and avoid the dangers of Covid-19. And hopefully this design can be useful Thank you Regards, Chaniago

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