3D Puzzle Herbie Beetle Assembly

This is a wooden puzzle of the famous beetle car **HERBIE** This is one of my most favourite car movies of all time and I wanted to create a 3D puzzle so that I can add it to my collection of 3D wooden puzzles, so ended up creating a cut sheet so that I can laser cut the parts and create the puzzle and felt like it’s a good project to share with all the fan lover out there hope you have fun with the puzzle if there is any questions about the built feel free to ask and I will assist you to the best of my capabilities.

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  • MacKenzie Brown
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  • Looks great and I'm using blender to help with the assembly of the laser cut parts.
  • Awesome work Pieter, this puzzle looks amazing!
  • Pieterf07 (author)
    @MacKenzie Brown Thank you was a lot of fun to do this little art project