Khay Gil
Global rank:
539 / 38,440
Skill pts: 51


I only started engaging in this kind of Industry this year. I was actually a Marketing Graduate and working in an engineering firm as a Sales. Our company caters software for Cad/Cam/Mold.

Thru my job, I found out that I have a potential on this kind of field. I did a research, self-study and educate myself to be more knowledgeable. And also thru the help of a good friend of mine, who is a License Mechanical Engineer and our Senior Engineer in our office, Mr. Remus Pacis, taught me and still guiding me up to now. He is also a cadcrowd member, you may check his profile on this link

Additional information, We are also doing business here in the Philippines wherein we accept freelance jobs in mechanical design, architectural and rendering.



Manila, Manila, Philippines