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#34 Shoe shine box AI by yrraf
I tried to make simple minimalistic modern design as compact as possible. The box is made of aluminum, and it has clean lines with no needless details with black matte rubber or plastic finish on both sides to protect it from scratches. A carrying handle is disguised when product is not in use as you wanted. The only diference I made, was turning plate design. After some research I realise that it's more practical to have platform that can be lifted to a certain angle, so you can put your shoe on it and than clean. In my opinion it's better sollution in terms of ergonomics so I incorporate it in design. Also, the locking mechanism is much simpler with this sollution. It only consist of little steel plate that locks whole platform in possition and metal spring to support it (easy for manufacturing). I've send you renderings as you asked and detailed AutoCad 3D model so you can see design in full 3d. If you choose my desing, I can send you stl. files so you can easily produce 1:1 prototype model with 3D printing technology. I hope you'll like my design.
Jan 1, 2015 6:00


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