#56 Design Overview PDF by Leo037
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Hello Team Cocoons!
I am very excited for the possibility of working together!
Attached you will find a PDF containing three unique styles of Cocoons sunglasses which have been developed over the past few weeks. For this project I am interested in creating a design that appeals to all users, medical and non-medical. Each of the three design styles offer a unique set of design features which contribute to their sleek and modern aesthetic yet all function within the existing parameters set by your design team.
To best communicate design intent the renderings are mainly focused on the style, look and feel of the glasses rather than on the existing and successful glasses features, such as the Flex2Fit temples and recessed folding mechanism.

I hope you enjoy the collection!
2014-12-23 01:01:04
#55 Mixed Flavors & Styles by Leo037
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2014-12-22 18:12:39
#54 FrameStyle2_Flavors by Leo037
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2014-12-22 18:11:25
#53 StylesOverview by Leo037
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2014-12-22 18:10:08
#52 Cocoons Frame Style 3 by Leo037
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2014-12-22 17:58:06
#51 Cocoons Frame Style 2 by Leo037
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2014-12-22 17:57:26
#50 Cocoons Frame Style 1 by Leo037
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2014-12-22 17:45:10
#49 Overview by Leo037
The first attachment is a brief overview of the design submission and is intended to give your team a global view of the proposed design schemes.
As a separate submission I am attaching rendered images grouped by frame style.
2014-12-22 17:20:00


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