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#4 Gas Powered... by cetienne1116
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Nov 30, 2014 18:57
#3 Gas Powered Compact Weapon Full Assembly by cetienne1116
Simple Gas Powered Compact Weapon -
Complications: 25 g is too large. See screenshot above for example. Common cartridge sizes are 12g and 90g. The photo above shows a 12g cartridge being held in the palm of my hand. This is approximately 3.75 inches in length and the 25 gram cartridge is even longer. I have designed the weapon to be used with a 12g cartridge.
Ideally the cartridge would be held horizontally in hand as this allows more space and for the hand to form a fist more fully. Unfortunately I do not believe the cartridges are designed to be pierced from the side and this could lead to further complications. For example the C02 may not discharge properly or the cartridge itself may erupt. This is why I designed my weapon with the cartridge being held vertically as is shown in the screenshot above.
Also, assuming that the cartridges are meant to be easily replaced with commercially available cartridges it was imperative to have my design pierce the cartridge from the top. There are currently no C02 cartridges on the market designed to be pierced from the side.
Finally while the system can be held in place with a fist, ideally it would be fastened to the palm somehow (rope or velcro strap, etc.)
How it works:
Piece 2 and Piece 1 of the propulsion device are attached together by a spring. As the hand forms a fist it naturally pushes piece 1 down onto piece 2. There is a pin attached to piece 1 that is hollowed (allowing the C02 to pass through it); it is this pin that pierces the cartridge as well. There is a small tube at the top of piece 1 that fits in between the middle finger and ring finger; it is here that the gas is ejected.
Nov 30, 2014 18:52


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