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For Project: Maleficent horn replica

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#7 Horns 2 sizes by Cristiano
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it works in shapeways. file size under 64mb. units in milimiters. printable in Strong & Flexible Plastic black or white
Nov 19, 2014 12:53
#5 Horns 01 by Cristiano
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here you find 4 separated files. 2 Horns with 11in max size and 2 horns with 12.5in max size. The bigger version has 11in from lower center end to the top end. I was not sure how exactly you were considering the 11in sizes, therefore both versions.
They are all STL files and can be sent directly to the 3D printer company
Nov 4, 2014 20:17
#6 Horns optmized for all 3D printers by Cristiano
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this version should not have problem with any 3D printer, but it is more expensive, because the wall thickness is thicker.
Nov 5, 2014 12:01




Tue, 04 Nov 2014 23:02:07 +0000
mmm.... it's difficult to explain. The softwares create sometimes a face to render and not to render according to their configuration, that can actually differ from one to another. I just downloaded MeshLab to test and, in fact, it inverts the ilumination of some walls, even if it makes no sense. But I found a function on MeshLab to ilumate it properly. It is on "Render - Lighting - Double side Lighting" or you can easily press: "Ctrl + D".
About the crash of the computer, I actually don't know, because mine didn't. I supose it is only because MashLab is a free software and maybe it is not really perfect running.
I have a small 3D printer at home and I tested if it could work; here it is ok, but the quality is not good like the professional ones. It means that it must be a lot polished after. .... and this work is horrible :-(
If you want I can also print for you in black color at home, but I'm afraid that you will not be happy with the result. mmmm..... I'm anyway limited to 9in in size and we would need to glue.... :-(



Tue, 04 Nov 2014 20:48:46 +0000
Hi Cristiano,

When I try to view the file for the left 11in horn, the render comes up black and has just caused MeshLab, the software I use to view STL files, to crash. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the file?