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For Project: Design the coolest penis rings
#7 ring_pen-b by abhishek suchak
simple but having some aerodynamic shape.
2014-09-13 17:19:01
#5 penis ring_a by abhishek suchak
if you want .stl format for 3d printing i will provide you that.
2014-09-12 16:16:06
#6 penis ring_c by abhishek suchak
2014-09-12 16:19:01
#24 ring_pen-a1 (improved) by abhishek suchak
@buyer: this is the improved version of ring_pen-a. As per your suggestion i had made the modifications and tried to make more comfortable . please find the images and file. if you required dimensions i will provide you.
2014-09-18 16:33:29
#25 ring_pen-c1 (improved) by abhishek suchak
@buyer: this is the improved version of ring_pen-c . after working on the comfort zone factor i had made some modifications as per your suggestion . i tried to maintain its aerodynamic shape and small designs which will surely improve its stunning look and pleasure in sex.please find the screen shots for more clarity.
2014-09-18 16:39:58
#26 ring_pen_e by abhishek suchak
This design is based on sports car rims. upper golden button is the button for motor. green dots are LED lights (optional) which will make stunning performance at nights. lights will start at the starting of motor. motor will be put inside the rim small rods openly (in hollow portion between two inner drum and outer drum). motor will not be visible generally because of very small distance between the rods.
2014-09-18 16:49:59


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