Designs by Pamelazaldumbide

For Project: Design the coolest penis rings
#3 Speedy by Pamelazaldumbide
2014-09-09 11:19:23
#4 Rolls by Pamelazaldumbide
2014-09-11 16:32:51
#2 Rocketeer by Pamelazaldumbide
2014-09-09 11:16:52
#15 Rolls_Variation by Pamelazaldumbide
Detachable/rechargeable motor, colored ergonomic design
2014-09-16 17:57:00
#12 Allure by Pamelazaldumbide
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A curved design with three detachable motors that can be recharged
2014-09-15 21:57:33
#14 Speedy_variation by Pamelazaldumbide
Interchangeable rechargeable motors in different colors. Curved and aerodynamic design for both female and male pleasure
2014-09-16 16:49:52
#42 fingertips by Pamelazaldumbide
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Interchangeable parts for different sex positions, little inserts added to stimulate punctually. Rechargeable parts
2014-09-23 14:00:14


Mike Lozada


Tue, 09 Sep 2014 12:44:42 +0000
Thank you for submitting your ideas, Pamela, I would like to schedule a conference call and discuss further