#16 Entry1 by PETER LAKATOS
My first model in this contest, i will soon add more.
Thank you.
Best regards,
2014-09-16 23:18:05
#50 improved entry by PETER LAKATOS
i will try to design more
2014-09-26 08:38:07
#49 Football ring by PETER LAKATOS
One entry that is simple and resembles a american football.
I will try to submit more in the time left, usually the contest after it ends still allows entries to be submitted until a winner is chosen. I wish i had more time to work on this contest. I hope you will find the designer you need.
As a tip: cadcrowd can extend the time of the contest, if the buyer wishes to do that and if you find more designs you like, cad crowd can probably help you get those models too, if you get in touch with the administrators. Best of luck
2014-09-26 07:23:21


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