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For Project: Fireman Bath Toy CAD 3D Model

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#8 fireman-toy by Albertus Putra
children like character from cartoon, so I've built this toy with cartoon reference
This toy can be made with rubber or plastic
Please open attachment files for further explanation and I will wait for your feed-back :)
Aug 29, 2014 16:32
#14 om nom bath time by Albertus Putra
The bath time for children will be more fun with om nom, the famous character from "Cut the Rope"
I think this model is out of your order, but it can be a simple yet functional toy
The water is flowing through the hole and coming out from the legs of the toy
Aug 30, 2014 16:54
#15 Kenny the fireman by Albertus Putra
Kenny, as the fireman, will amuse the children with his double hoses
I just add ring to the hole in the head, I think the ring will be hold this toy on the standard faucet
This toy specification is just the same with the one I submitted earlier
Aug 30, 2014 17:03


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