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For Project: Bas Relief Panels

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#1 Preview1 by Aaron Rdgz
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This is the first test
Aug 2, 2014 9:18
#3 Preview 2 by Aaron Rdgz
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Hi, i've made the modifications you wanted, now it completely looks like on the pdf, it is a closed .stl file like the ones on sale over the internet. It also is a big file as the resolution went high. I hope you like it, Regards.
Aug 8, 2014 6:36


Aaron Rdgz


Sat, 09 Aug 2014 19:26:32 +0000
Hi, the model is ready, you can see that there is no geometry at the back of the relief, there is no need for it since the z plane is located at that point, the CNC programmer will be able to make code for machining with this model with no problem, he will understand this. i've programmed the toolpaths myself to check everything, and everything is fine. i have putted the cattails larger on the sides too and it has the exact width and height suggested, 76x160 in.

Aaron Rdgz


Fri, 08 Aug 2014 00:01:50 +0000
I have questions regarding this project.

- whats the material thickness ?
- size of the relief
- are you going to cnc each panel separately, or on a big sheet and then cutted into pieces?

Aaron Rdgz


Mon, 04 Aug 2014 16:47:22 +0000
Hi, Thanks for the feedback. let me change it to make it look the way you want it. I will be working today on it and provide you with it later. Regards.



Mon, 04 Aug 2014 05:27:05 +0000

This looks promising. I have a few comments. When I imported the stl file in SW, the characters (heron and cattails) are negative relief (cut out of the panel) vs. protruding from it. Is this how it is modeled in the program you are using? I am looking for the characters to stand out from the panel face like the examples provided.

Additional comments; I would like the flying heron to be smaller scale, maybe 1/2 of what you have modeled. The cattails should be taller (like my sketch).

I think we are on the right track.