#28 Parametric Design by Razvi.N
2014-08-09 16:43:54
#30 WeaverBird Design by Razvi.N
2014-08-09 18:25:11
#31 Diamond Shape by Razvi.N
2014-08-09 18:29:23
#32 Twisting Design by Razvi.N
2014-08-09 20:01:42
#33 Twisting Design 2 by Razvi.N
2014-08-09 20:08:43
#34 Updating models by Razvi.N
I wanted to make a rendering of the models without the carbon fiber texture because with the texture you cant exactly see the shape of the casing very clearly so the rendering without the texture is very large and it includes all the models that i made so the details can be seen aproprietly, the Rhino 5 file includes all of them as well. The button for the mechanism is in the screenshot picture at the bottom of the tube, i this way the cases can stay verticaly when not in use so the cannot roll on the table or whatever surface they are placed on when they are placed horizontaly. The 3Ds Max file contains the ''WeaverBird'' design, it is like this because I used 3Ds Max to rafine the surface so the model would look like the one in the images.
2014-08-09 22:38:19


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