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For Project: Design of 3d photography studio

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Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:05:18 +0000

There is still a fair bit of work that needs doing before I could deem this work acceptable.

1) The text on the banner needs to be kept for my version. I only want you to remove the text for your portfolio that you advertise so the world dosn't see the text part.

2)The shopping centre environment is just not working for me. The samples I sent you have a computer designed environment with computer designed people. The blend of the pictures and computer generated people do not work. Can you please design the environment to look like the environments I sent you in the samples.

3) When you are doing this please zoom out a little bit more like the samples I sent you. The current design is zoomed in too far.

4) The computer designed people look very scary. Please make the people look like the samples I sent you.

5) In the front profile can you move the part of the image on the banner that says "lets be creative" to the left so the person standing on the platform is not blocking the message.

Let's get the static profiles right before we discuss the 3D model. I am more concerned with the pictures that need to be inserted into my presentation.



Mon, 31 Mar 2014 02:32:08 +0000
Hi Viz,

Not a bad start but there is still a fair bit of work needed to get this right.

1) No famous people. The people in the shopping centre should look like the examples I sent you. Having a 3D model with real human's in there (especially Angelina Jolie looks strange) The people should look like "CAD" people

2) This is an English speaking brand so any references to stores with your native language would need to be removed.

3) As this is a highly confidential project, unfortunately I cannot approve you to show the text on the banner in your profile. I am happy for you show the design but not the text on the banner that explains the idea

4) Please remove the photo backdrop (the white stand thing) from all profiles

5) Person on the 3d rotating stand should not be holding flowers

6) The person who is taking the photo should not be in such casual attire. They don't need to be in a suit or anything but a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt would be good.

7) The stand with the laptop on it needs to be higher, the sort of height someone could type standing up?

8)The cabinet with the laptop needs to have castor wheels on it

9) The 3D scanner does not look right, please refer back to the picture I sent you.

I look forward to seeing the revised version.