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#14 Smoker tray by PETER LAKATOS
I am submitting my first design.
I will create other models.
The design is prepared for CNC or traditional milling from one single piece of wood, with smooth curves, making it sturdy look classy and also modern and clean.
The compartment on the left can nicely fit a zippo lighter.
The ashtray fits in a measured space that hides the edges for a clean look, and a cutout in the wood is made for easy removal of the ashtray.
There is space between the bottom of the ashtray and the bottom of the wooden tray so that it doesn't heat it up.
Hope to hear from you with some feedback and pointers to get me to create the product that pleases you the most.
Thank you
Mar 19, 2014 21:55
#15 second entry by PETER LAKATOS
I have added some details to the first model, refined it, plus a cigarette roller, that can fit nicely in the compartment, with the lighter i used for the rendered mock-up.
Please tel me what you think ad if i am headed in the right direction with my modelling of your product.
Thank you
Kindest regards
Mar 20, 2014 15:17


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