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For Project: Open Air Photo Booth

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#8 thesecond by Manuel Rosso
Design made in folded steel sheet and hinged frames are made in brushed Stainless Steel.
Lateral supports could be get off for transportation.
Ipads were arranged in hinged frames at the sides. They could be oriented to the front or to the sides.
The printer is disposed in a box to protect it. The front of the printer is not covered and the printer could be easily removed for maintenance.
The camera and flash are disposed in an adjustable height mechanism that maintains the camera leveled. It is optional to install a servo to automate the rise of the camera.
The color as represented is cream.
Construction material could be changed for brushed stainless steel
Jan 28, 2014 23:05
#1 thefirst by Manuel Rosso
This design was made for your colleague JasonK, "Think out side the box, a new take on photo booths. Innovation starts here." and thus not everything asked in your contest was adressed. He refused to consider the proposal, anyway.
This device could be dismounted and transported into a Pelikan box. The head holding the camera and flash (in your case even the computer) could be raised along the pole and inclined.
The screen and tactile keybord could be inclined as well.
The printer could be covered by a sturdier box if required.
So, everything could be adjusted, provided you like the basic design. Please, put a me a note if you like some modification at
Jan 23, 2014 18:31


Manuel Rosso


Fri, 24 Jan 2014 01:42:31 +0000

The printer could be in another box, but in my design you could sit on without breaking it. I would be more concerned about the printer itself, with fragile plastics exposed. I will ruminate about a while.
Regarding the head with camera/flash/computer it could be on top of the column but the idea to made it non simmetric is that the head could go up and down along the column, from a little more higher than the surface pad all the way up to the top of the column. It also allows the tilting of the camera. I will think about your request tough.



Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:20:33 +0000
Thank you for your submission Manuel. I like the way you are thinking in terms of the transportability and the modular elements. The printer weighs 25 lbs so I would be concerned that the entire tower would be easily knocked over. I would be interested in seeing a similar design where the printer stands on its own base that also attaches to the center column as well as the camera/flash unit sits on top of the column rather than the side. I'm don't know if you had this in mind since it was originally designed for someone else but if the camera/flash unit and the printer unit were in their own respective modular cases and then attached to the center column, that could be interesting.