2nd Winner
#10 3D Cube to visualize market segments by Kristian
I've attached .dwf file that can be open by Autodesk design preview.
Jan 28, 2014 23:19
#2 3D cube by Kristian
I've attached an assembly that can be open by edrawings.The way it's work is based on hiding the cubes you don't need.
Jan 25, 2014 12:56
#4 3D Cube to visualize market segments by Kristian
I made a few cubes(Blue,green,black in fact the colors you need consisting 15x15x12 cubes )they are on same place.
For example,working with green layer:
1.You see all cubes you have from green one.
2.Its a shaded view of this green cube.
3.Switch back to work view and easily (in same way that you pick files in explorer )mark the cubes you don't want.
4.Rght click on them and choose hide
5.Again in the true mode(with that button) .
Next in same way with blue color and the others.
The number of cubes refers accuracy of your chart.
Jan 26, 2014 22:51


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