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#10 Hook by Kristian
I've just made 3d of the hook,beam and finger.That you had are sketches and they aren't so well...and I made some upgrades that these details can produce.But I can't understand how you would produce the hook,at first I thought that it's from sheet metal but there is different thickness so it won't be from a sheet 2 mm thick.I suggest you would use 2mm metal sheet then cut out from back side 0.5 mm and then bend this outside part (4,5 mm high).... but it doesn't have any science. I'll post that what I've done.If you want to bend 1,5 mm thick and to faces to be align at 90 degree and you want to keep that rounds R2 and R0.75(they call fillets)you need at minimum R1,5 in the inner corner of bending that goes 1.5+0.75 = 2.25 the outer round and yours is 0.75.So I calculate where and how much to be cutout.I can't understand how did you expect to achieve that different thickness.About finger ,I add some chamfers and rounds(fillets) which are obligate for manufacturing.
I can make drawings (PDF)about a day.But I need to know what machinery will use(milling machine or something) so I can presume the technological operation.
Nov 30, 2013 17:40


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