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For Project: Modern and innovative cat tower

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Raluca Harpa


Fri, 03 Jan 2014 00:51:34 +0000
P.S.: Cilinder module can slide of the other two components; it can as well be any other shape.
I did not have a cat nor grass for my renderings, so I've found some alternatives....hope they'll do.
Best wishes,

Raluca Harpa


Fri, 03 Jan 2014 00:45:17 +0000
Hi Bleu,

So, here's a short briefing on my design:

- the design I've sent you can be sized for small, medium and large options( I have submitted the large option; I can certainly scale the other ones as well and send them to you - the hardwood thickness for the large option is 2cm, with 1,8 cm for the medium cat tower and 1,6 cm for the small one; all the puzle-like pieces and every optional module can be scaled as well, for mass production; everything is ikea-like; for example, the grass-module can be put anywhere, on any module of the cat tower; the buyer will be able to customize everything, adding or changing the modules as the boxes can all be closed, for example, with doors, in many ways.

- the design incorporates bed/perch area and scratching section/sections

- the dimensions of the design meets all requirements( stolmen post, footprint, shelf size, maximum step distance from one step to next); unfortunatelly I did not have time to represent the 3mm cut out topside of shelf for sure step matting, but changes can be made until you are satisfied with your product.

Now I'd like to add a few thoughts that represented the starting point of the design....firsts of all, if you don't use it, they won't :) on the bottom shelf module is a place for a few of the owner's books or other objects - cat will definetely sleep next to them, on top of them, or at least pay them a visit once in a while. The book shelf module can be puzled-up with the bed module and, further more, with the plant module. The bed module is a bit suspended from the floor for a very good reason - a cat will definetely like to play with small pieces of paper and stuck them under the perch area that I drew. The other modules are made in the same manner of thinking - scratching area with sufficient hight for the cat to reach out and stretch their body, box for hiding( I'm sure even Montgomery Wonderpaws likes his privacy once in a in a secret place where no one can look :)) ), toys suspended near the scratching module( it will stimulate any cat into scratching the designated area and not the couch).
Colors can vary, as well as placement of modules.