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#23 shampoo bottle 3in1 by DaBu
I uploaded all three versions: sourcefiles and STL files.
Check the PDF drawings (sections) for a better understanding of the model. I also included the label in vector (Illustrator .ai) format.
Oct 26, 2013 19:51
#18 Shampoo v1 by DaBu
Hey Kaelen,
I just submitted my design and I want to explain it a little bit. As you can see from the images there are two bottles assembled like lego pieces. The bottles are identical so only one mold is needed. I designed it taking in account that it should be possible to manufacture by blow molding. Another advantage is that the individual bottle can stand up by itself on it's base. The two bottles are held together by the sticking labels. The label surface is cilindrical so the label adheres well to the bottle (no need for thrmoelastic label).
The opening/closing mechanism is very basic: two eccentric holes that can be aligned by twisting the cap 180 degrees. I just thought of a better solution (that is less prone to leaking) and I can implement it in the final design but only if you're interested in the general looks of this design.
If you like it I can provide STEP/ IGES files as well as CATIA (v5r19) source files and the vector design of the label (AI, EPS)
Oct 17, 2013 6:01
#21 shamditioner v2 by DaBu
This is the solution that I was thinking about. But as I was implementing it I realized that it is kind of a complicated design. The ideea was that the cap shoud only rotate 180 degrees and not translate along the bottle axis (the same as the first design).
Assembling: slide the stopper (yallow piece) into the bottle neck then snap the cap onto the bottle: there are edges that keeps the cap and bottle assembled.
How it works: as you twist the cap the two lateral pins of the stopper follow the inner thread of the cap and the stopper goes up and down. In the upper porition it blocks the central hole of the cap. There are "clicks" to assure the cap is aligned with the bottle.
Note: I think that the classic solution is the best way to go: twisting cap that will screw/ unscrew - closing/opening the hole at the top.
I will model this version too and I will upload all three versions so you can have them and test.
Oct 24, 2013 7:00


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