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#10 Putter Ver. B4c by Vincenzo Ricci
Jul 11, 2013 22:09
#4 Putter 2 draft by Vincenzo Ricci
Jul 4, 2013 21:45
#5 Putter 2 - Ver 1.0 by Vincenzo Ricci
added enhancements to the basic version and shaft
Jul 5, 2013 13:14
#6 Putter 2 - Ver 1.1 summary update by Vincenzo Ricci
summary of the changes - I have to complete some important points
Jul 6, 2013 0:02
#1 Sports Equipment Design Project - Putter 1 - example by Vincenzo Ricci
As described above, this model is only an example, I have translated the measures suggested by reports from images found on the internet.
I want to be honest, this is the first time I'm drawing sports equipment, but I suppose with the right data size and weight can be so much easier, so I can set precise limits of the parameters.
I wanted to ask if there are any types of preferred forms, or give priority to one type of equipment instead of other?
Thank you.
Jul 2, 2013 19:53
#3 Sports Equipment Design Project - draft golf club A by Vincenzo Ricci
draft for corrections
Jul 4, 2013 11:19
#8 Sports Equipment Design Project ver 1.2 update 3 by Vincenzo Ricci
useful file to the correction of the diameters of the holes
Jul 8, 2013 16:00
#9 Sports Equipment Design Project ver 1.2 update 4b by Vincenzo Ricci
Jul 9, 2013 21:12


Vincenzo Ricci


Thu, 04 Jul 2013 11:26:03 +0000
I also wanted to ask you if the graft serves the shaft of a particular type, because I travati of different models, some are simply held together with a screw passing between the shaft and the head of the golf club.
And information about the handle, must be 34 inches from the floor or 34 inch excluding the height of the head?
Thank you very much, I ask your pardon for the questions.


Vincenzo Ricci


Wed, 03 Jul 2013 18:11:04 +0000
almost forgot, I will not do complicated shapes with undercuts, so that everything is workable with a cnc routers

Vincenzo Ricci


Wed, 03 Jul 2013 18:08:37 +0000
Well, I will get to work immediately with the information you have described.
It will take me a little more time than the example, but I would make a 3D model with rendering can be better than this sample.
If you have a preference for one type of golf club just ask.
Many measures, such as the diameter of the shaft or the distrubution of the center of mass and other thicknesses ranging to affect the torque, is there any preference about this diameter?
For the moment, thank you very much

Wed, 03 Jul 2013 14:53:31 +0000
nice start - the putter need to be all wood and ideally we want a more durable wood as the insert
for weight we are considering adding a heavy wood corking inside of the shaft at the bottom

here are some more details on specs

Loft 4 degrees

Lie 71 Degrees

Length 34 inches

also I want to confirm that this spec when done can feed into a CNC Router system?