#28 Plastic Case with Magnets by tsalpha
Simple organic shaped plastic case with durable hinge and magnets to keep closed. There are two offset indentations in the front of the case to aid in opening. Being involved in the plastic injection molding industry, this design was created with a simple, low cost mold in mind. We can design what ever we want on the computer, but considerations for manufacturing need to be taken into account. The only issue I see with this design is the fact that there are two magnets completely encased in plastic. Not easily achieved in moldmaking, and could prove to be quite costly.
Apr 21, 2013 15:55
#29 Plastic Case with Tab Closure by tsalpha
Same organic shaped plastic case as previous design, with the exception of the magnets to keep closed. This design has a redesign hinge, for less internal pockets to trap dirt, and a snap tap to keep closed. Again, same simple mold needed to manufacture, without the problem of suspending magnets inside of injected plastic. Snap tab on bottom case half, and the grooved slot in the top case half, are commonly manufactured today.
Apr 21, 2013 16:51


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