#8 Invisible Suspenders by Anwar DM
Here is my first concept, hope it meets with the requirements and hope you like it.
I am waiting your feedback, so i can do some changes and improvements.
Thank you
Feb 22, 2019 9:58




Sat, 23 Feb 2019 02:28:18 +0000
Hi Anwar, thanks for your submission!

To be honest, I think there are some drawbacks to this concept, with the biggest being thickness. Because the solution would need to be worn on each side of the waist, the depth/thickness of each individual assembly would need to be no more than around 5mm thick, at max.

Also, because the assembly sits next to the body, it would likely need to be made out of a flexible material so that it was body-friendly, and not dig into the person's side.

I can see some possible solutions that include thin magnets with a silicone/rubber over-mold, but magnets have been used before in products like MagnaTuck, and it doesn't seem to work very much.

My theory why it may not work well is because magnets can be easily slid apart. However, if the magnet had a thin coating of (or painted with) rubber or silicone, that may prevent the magnets being easily slid apart.

Hope that above information is helpful. If you'd like to submit a refined design based on the notes above, I would be open to seeing it :)

Take care,